On the Tropical Island

He thinks of a beautiful tropical resort where he is taking me to spend some sunny days together…

We spent the morning on the beach, laying in the sun, absorbing its warmth and enjoying the fresh ocean air, from time to time we dipped in the ocean to cool off and while embraced in the water, we couldn’t help reach and touching each other, you driving me crazy, rubbing my balls and handling my cock, me running my fingers along your lips, feeling that ring piercing your tender pussy. I could feel the warm wetness building up inside, much as you could put and hold my hard cock with both hands. We were laughing and getting accustomed to each other. One thing we could not get enough of was kissing, when our lips touched, we felt magnetized, sensing the sensual softness and the agonizing pull, twirling our tongues together. The high noon sun drove us in doors, looking for shade, we dropped the little clothes we had on and stepped into the shower together.

I pulled you close and felt your nipples hardening against my chest, your luscious breasts so soft and teasing, with my leg between yours, you pressed against me and slowly moved up and down, as you reached for the soap.
You push me against the wall, the warm water running between us like a curtain, you begin soaping my chest, in wide slow circles, pressing the bar of soap, with your other hand, you brush my chest hair with your delicate fingers, stopping to pinch my nipples, I try to lean forward and kiss you, but you won’t let me, you insert your 2 fingers into my mouth to suck on. My lips and tongue are busy nursing on your wet fingers, like the sex organ these pretty fingers are, you push your fingers deeper down my throat and I eagerly such on them, by now the hand with the soap is on my lower abdomen, you come closer and brush my balls, just once, I take in a sharp breath, as I anticipate to be fondled, aroused directly, but to my frustration, you turn me around to I face the shower’s glass wall and you begin soaping from my head, down to my shoulders, your scratch along my spine with your blood red nails, as I arch my back with surprise you sneak a kiss on my ear and blow air on it, you now are soaping my butt, firmly spreading my chicks and making sure every millimeter is cleaned up, your finger massages my anus, all slippery with the soap, as you bite on my ear, you insert your finger slowly but firmly into my ass, my hard dick is pressed against the glass wall, you lean on me from behind, finger fucking my ass, playing with your own nipples at the same time with your other hand. The transparent shower wall faces the court yard and as we both are swept in the cascading passion, we notice a couple on the beach right across from us watching us with fascination you reach over with your other hand and cup my balls, massaging them, pumping blood into my already erect dick, to begin to move your beautiful hand up and down my shaft, alternating with circling the tip of my cock with two fingers, pulling it up showing my cock off to that couple, I can see them holding hands and rubbing each other groins.

I reach back with my hand, and slide my finger along your pussy lips, testing the inner temperature, with the palm of my hand I press against your clit, feeling that magic ring and my middle finger playing up and down your pussy lips from the outside, every so often penetrating in just enough to make you gasp, at the same time you tighten your grip on my cock, sending me a message in flesh. I let my finger curl back and enter your incredibly wet pussy, building up a rhythm between my palm on your clit, my finger in your pussy and your hand on my cock, you bite my shoulder with passion, try to hold back a cry of passion.
We see the girl pulling her man’s cock out of his shorts and its magnificently big, the shower water keep flowing, adding a rhythm to our dance, with visual physical emotional and mental stimulation, it was almost an overload. You whisper in my ear, “please fuck me, pleassse, I need to feel you inside of me” I switch place with you, you lean with your hands against the glass wall, displaying your incredible body to the couple making out outside and spread your legs just enough so I can penetrate you from behind, the tip of my cock pushing into your steaming love tunnel, you stretch your body upwards as I slide in, I’m surprised by the warmth and moisture inside you, how can it be wetter than the flowing water of the shower, the sensation as I glide in and out, in long harmonic movements is unbelievable, with one hand I cup your breast and squeeze your nipple, with the other I play with your clit. The girl out in the yard, has her boyfriend dick deep in her mouth, she expertly deep throats him, while trying to keep an eye on us, taking his massive dick with ease, all the way till her nose presses against his flat hard stomach muscles, the sight of that adds a hundred degrees to our heat, we are boiling with passion, fucking, pushing our bodies in and around each other’s, I can feel your breath running short, around my cock I feel the first pulsating contractions that flow down your body like ripples growing in intensity, from the very nicely shaped abdominal muscles through the very inside of your womb, you feel the waves crashing, you are short of breath, not enough oxygen gets to your brain, but still these overpowering body shuttering spasms, rock you.IMG_0131.JPG
I feel you pussy tightening around my dick, pushing it, trying to squeeze it out but I push forward and penetrate even deeper, grabbing your hips from behind I pull you close to me, you throw your head back, your wet hair whips my face and you let out an animal scream, like a predator, shaking your head from left to right, as if you are tearing flesh with your mouth, orgasm after orgasm, an ongoing chain, and as I flick your clit your legs give way and you collapse back onto me, I keep you upright and a warm intense squirt, floods out, hitting the glass with force stronger than the shower, our legs are trembling, our hearts beat in harmony at Olympic record pace, the powerful contractions in your entire body, milk and massage my cock, as I keep moving, slower in and out, savoring every nuance of ecstasy, I feel my climax is near and am torn between the desire to explode and the need to continue, as you reach down and scratch my thighs with your fingernails, the pain and surprise, triggers my orgasm. My sperm shoots faster than I have ever felt before, I feel my ass muscles pulsating, pumping my cum in an intense spurt up into your, you can feel it as well, weeks worth of cum, pulses out of my dick, filling you up with a milky nectar I turn you towards me, lifting you up in my arms, you wrap you strong legs around my waist and I carry you outside, to were that beautiful couple is now busy fucking. They are on a lawn lunge chair, the girl straddling the guy, riding up and down his massive dick, you jump off me and grab her hair, pulling her head back, kissing her passionately, she doesn’t even break her pace and grabs your breasts, the guy pulls you by your hips and has you sit on his face, I step closer and you grab my balls, massaging my cock back to the state of hardness you like so much. This foursome builds momentum, you and the girl kiss while she rides his dick, as he licks your pussy, sucking out the cocktail of out mixed fluids, you play with my cock, and I cant believe my eyes. I’m hard again and eager to fuck you, you lean forward, keeping you pussy of the guy’s mouth, while your tight little ass chick as spread, welcoming my cock, which I insert smoothly. I can tell your are ecstatic, I can feel your pulse around my cock, the girl now is sucking on your erect nipples as she starts to cum, her excitement making her crazy, she bites your nipples, that pain shoots through your body like lightening and as I pump your ass, this guy expertly licks your clit, you feel you are going to explode, every nerve ending in your body is about to ignite so it feels. That guttural scream starts deep in your diaphragm, pushes air out of your lungs and sounds like a panther in heat. I feel an incredibly powerful contractions of your ass around my cock as you spray and squirt, nearly drowning the guy over whose face you are hovering. Your entire body participates in the climax, from your hair down to your toes.
We are all watching you with amazement, envious of the intensity and the way you let yourself go wild, but we are not done with you, this guy hasn’t come yet and his impressive dick is as hard as you have ever seen.
The girl gets of him and pulls you forward, guiding this giant cock into your quivering pussy, all while mine is still balls deep in your ass, you gasp as you impale yourself on his dick, I can feel him, I can feel you get stretched, as my cock and his are both inside of you, you move cautiously at first adjusting, but the sensation of being fucked both ways like that is overpowering, you kiss with the girl while me and the guy move in rhythm in and out of you, I feel I’m near my second climax and I cry out that I’m going to cum, so does this other guy, you quickly pull off us and with the girls bend on your knees in front of us, begging us to cum all over your faces and into your gaping mouths.
– Will you swallow it all, do you like to play with cum before licking it off your palm and swallowing it?

I already see myself in that scene and give him my answer with a horny smile on my face:
– I pull her by chin to kiss and lick the cum on her lips, we both lick each other lips tong kissing and sperm swapping.