From The Alchemy of Ecstasy

The girl entered softly on bare feet. She knelt before me and kissed my feet. She was good-looking, about thirty, with a face that was at once worldly and childlike. Her body was completely sheathed in a transparent gold silk sari. Her hands, feet and head were bare, except for some gold jewelry that jangled as she moved. She began to dance without any accompaniment at all. This devadasi conveyed sexuality with every little twitch of her rouged lips, the gestures of her hands, the movements of her head, the stamping of her feet, the roll of her eyes. The opening and shutting of her nostrils, the sinuous twisting of her firm but pliable body, was an amazing performance. I could feel the electrical charges of the girl’s erotic magic and it seemed to me that she was using only a fraction of her skills. Her dance, slow and ecstatic, was highly symbolic, displaying various sexual moods, from enticement and arousal to seduction and final rapture. It must have lasted hours and I was completely taken with her. Then she possessed me. There was no vulgar striptease. She daintily slipped out of her clothes, displaying a supple body the color of wild cinnamon. She told me to lie on the mat. After that it was just my lingam and her yoni in cosmic union. Her intimacies possessed me. I was devoured. She was what the Hindus call the “sarvotastryan” or “nutcracker woman”, because of the amazing power of her sphincter muscles. I was almost out of my mind. All the while she made murmuring, humming drone sounds that put me into a trance. Suddenly there was an explosion in my brain and I felt myself in another dimension. There were amazing lights and fantastic colors. The walls seemed to be melting and I felt ecstasy in every cell.