Naughty New Year!

I enter the room and find you laying on your stomach on the bed. You have a big towel underneath you. I take out my warming massage oil and start rubbing your shoulders, massage your back and go lower on your legs. My slippery hands slide from inside your tights towards your butt. I gently keep pressing and my fingers slip from inside your tights towards your balls. Your instinct is to open your legs and to curve back anticipating my touch. I keep playing with you feeling how horny you are for me. My fingertips are gently touching your balls you are spreading your legs and slowly getting on your all fours. I carry on rubbing your legs, arse and gently touch your balls. I get closer to lick and spit them. You may anticipate it but I am not touching your hot cock. I get you all sloppy and wet and keep licking your balls from behind. I feel you getting so hard but I don’t touch your cock. I want to make you my bitch and open that tight ass for me. I put on my strap-on and get your asshole wet and ready to slowly take you from behind. I fuck you like your are my ass virgine bitch. I enjoy that very much. I am bursting for a pee and I want to have fun while doing that and to use you. I remove my strap-on and ask you to turn and lay on your back.
– I want to piss now!
I grab the empty glass that is places on your nightstand, look at it and say:
– I am not sure is big enough so Open your mouth! I want to start with you.
I squat just above your face and make sure I slowly piss the first squirt in your mouth. Such a relief to pee in your mouth, I enjoy your thirst and lips around my pussy. I interrupt my squirt and ask you demanding:
– Swallow it all, I have more!
– Careful do not wet the bed! After the second squirt you’ve drink from me, I carry on pissing the rest of it in the glass. As I finish peeing I place my dripping pussy just above your face again, and tell you:
– Clean up my pussy!
-Good! Now get on your knees.
I drip some warm piss from the glass on my tits and ask you to lick it clean, piss drops are now running down on my legs, you lick it all the way up, I spill some more over my ass and again demand you to clean it all, dropping warm pee on my pussy lips and order you to lick it all clean. Mmmm… I do it everywhere I want! I love to play with you and use you like a toy! image
Finally I grab your hard dripping wet cock and pass it on my lips, all around my lips, slowly pass it wider and wider getting that precum on my face. My lips and face are wet now, I tell you to lick-clean your mess. You lick your precum off my wet lips.
Your cock keeps dripping and this time I wish you to lick it off my nipples. I grab your warm-hard cock with care so I won’t do a wank-move by mistake and gently wipe it on my hard nipples. They are all wet and you have to clean your mess!
I want you to lay on your back as I am not done with your virgin ass training. I put a latex glove on my hand and get my fingers lubed. I start sucking your cock and while sucking deeper, my throat is getting wetter and your cock and balls messier. Meanwhile, with my middle wet finger from the hand with latex glove on, I am gently pressing against your tight ass, feeling your squeezing-relaxing tempo. I slide my finger in your ass and gently press against you G-spot while I keep sucking you with all the wetness dripping down on your balls and asshole. I tell you:
– Come in my mouth! You do cum, so explosive, due my little finger trick! I feel you squirting your cum in my throat, filling my mouth. I open my mouth stick out my tongue and let all your cum drip on my chin and tits.
– Now lick it!
– You know I love it when you clean your mess! “