Lick me clean, you messy toy!

I knock at your door, I need to pee so bad! I come in, two minutes after knocking, to give you time to be in the bathroom, waiting for me standing against the wall. I come into the bathroom wearing a sexy dress and high heels. I am bursting for a pee and I cannot hold it anymore! I start pissing from standing, with my legs apart facing the wall.

I briefly demand you: “Watch me!” then you take your blindfold off so you can look at me from behind lifting my dress up and see how my pee gently runs down on my legs. I finished pissing and my legs and heels are all wet… and the only thing I say to you is: “Clean me!” and you start licking me from my heels, up to my legs, ass and pussy to make me all clean. As soon as I feel satisfied with your work I leave the bathroom without any words.

I grab the leather strap that I have left on the bed and come back in the bathroom. You are waiting for me blindfolded with just your boxer shorts on, laying on the bathroom floor. You hear my heels stepping around you on the bathroom floor. I stop and pass slowly my shoe’s sole on your boxers shorts just above your cock. I pull your boxer shorts up, spit inside, on your cock and leave it down saying: “I want you to be very messy!”, “I love messy boys!”. I stand up pull my skirt and sit on your face with my knickers on just to tie your hands with the leather strap that I brought from the bedroom. I stand up and spit again inside your boxer shorts, making your cock a bit more messy, saying: “All this spit makes me want to piss more!” Then I’ll take my knickers off and put my pussy just above your face in a squatting position facing you and asking you: “Smell my pussy… I want you to smell my clean pussy just before it gets dirty”! I’ll tap slowly my pussy on your face for you to smell me… just as a tease… then I say: “I want to piss now! I can’t hold it anymore, I need to piss right now! Open your mouth!”. I let the first few drops in your mouth and ask you to swallow it, then I demand you: “Keep your mouth open, I really need to piss now!“. I use you as my own private toilet, standing just above your face, peeing absolutely everything in your mouth until the last drop. After I end up doing a massive pee I say with a big relieve: “Of fuck, that feels so good!”

I ask you to use your tongue to lick the last few drops on my dripping wet pussy lips to make it all clean again and you use your tong for licking, just to clean me up. I stand up abruptly and go to spit again inside your boxer shorts on your cock. While looking at it I say with a naughty smile on my face: “I love messy cocks!”. I take your boxer shorts off and spit again much more, getting your cock very wet and messy. I pass my fingers on it all over and ask you to taste them. I am on my knees on the floor in front of your wide open legs and start giving you slow and very sloppy blowjob. I start by smelling and licking your balls and I do it for a long time before I go upper to taste your cock… I start sucking you now and I go progressively deeper and deeper as my throat is getting wetter and wider. I have lots of spit in my mouth, around my lips and running down on your balls. It becomes the sloppiest, messiest blowjob you ever had! You have to taste some of it before I make you come, as I know that this excites you a lot! I come above your face and slowly let some blowjob viscid spit in your thirsty open mouth. I go back on my knees and suck you until you come filling my mouth. With my mouth full of spit and cum, I stand up and spit everything till the last drop in my two hands and cover my pussy and ass with this messy goo. The more there is, the better! I tell you: “Oh you want to be messy? I’ll show you what’s messy!”.

I get back on the same squatting position sitting with my messy pussy right on your face. I rub it and spread it all over your face like I am using you as a towel to wipe me off with. I am telling you: “Clean this fucking mess… clean me!”. After five minutes I stand up, take my clothes and leave the room without saying anything else. After leaving you on the bathroom floor I ask you to come into the bedroom saying: “I am still messy, you come here and finish licking me clean!” You come in as I ask and lick my pussy until it’s all clean and nice again. Now I feel like I want to pee again, and I tell you: “I need to piss again, but I don’t want to move, go and get me an empty glass!”. You bring me an empty glass of champagne to fill it up for you with my warm clear pee. You hold the glass and while I am pissing you look at the steaming warm pee that fills the glass and that excite you very much! Once I am done peeing and filled your empty glass, I tell you: “If you want to fuck me, you’ll need to clean me up again!” You lick it all up again, slowly, then put on the condom I’ve have left close to me and finally you are able to go inside of me…