Not just a secretary . . .

We are work colleagues (boss and secretary) who meet in the hotel bar after a hard day of meetings and relax with a glass of champagne.

Secretary Dita is dressed very elegantly but sexy in a white blouse showing just a little cleavage, a short black skirt, stockings and high heels. Her hair is down and she is wearing glasses. Unknown to her boss, she is not wearing any panties. After a drink, secretary Dita is getting a little flirty and starts talking about her boyfriends back home who don’t satisfy her. She then starts to intermittently lightly touch her boss. Her boss feels uncomfortable but has always fancied his secretary and is becoming very turned on but knows that this is unprofessional. He tries to change the conversation but she just carries on talking about her personal life and at some point mentions that she has never had anal sex before.

At this point, the boss says that he needs to go to bed as there are some important meetings tomorrow. He signs the bar bill and says that they should retire for the evening. They get into the lift and the secretary just throws herself at her boss and deeply kisses him while pushing into his groin. Her boss pushes her off but is so horny that he just then pulls her towards him and starts passionately kissing her.They go to his room and are all over each other. She then orders him to bend over the chair in his room and take her anally. There is no foreplay, she just wants it there and then. He bends her over and lifts up her skirt, seeing that she is wearing no underwear and is already very wet. He can’t believe it and is so hard. He moistens her arsehole and penetrates her (with obvious protection). The secretary then takes complete control and orders him what to do to her. Complete role reversal. One minute they are screwing all over his room, the next she is deepthroating him. Eventually, he can take no more and she wanks him off until she orders him to come in her mouth. They collapse on the bed and are both a little shocked but satisfied. They then actually spend the next few hours together chatting, take a bath together and carry on satisfying each other.