Twisted men’s logic?

Most of the time, the common knowledge defines the men as being close to perfection when it comes to logic thinking and the women are always the “twisted” ones.

However, from time to time I have the very same dialog with my potential clients: they ask for the Sun and the Moon in terms of extra services and they also want a minimum two hours booking and they start negotiating the rate. As you already know, I don’t negotiate my rates but usually a one-hour session will fit one’s budget. And yet, most of them will rather skip the session. Luckily this is not affecting my business but I find this approach of the men quite fascinating.

So here’s what I’m missing out, because is not about the money or the business, it’s simply a matter of logic. Would one go to the jewelry store and start negotiating the price of a jewelry and when offered a slightly smaller version of a beautifully crafted piece which fits the budget one will refuse it, knowing very well that the chances to get the same quality from a different store are close to none?