Dita: The Sexy Spy

Dita is a super sexy secret agent, who works for a crime fighting organization, similar to the TV show Charlie’s Angels. She is in peak physical shape and possesses superior spy skills, including a master of disguises. However her specialty is her ability to seduce men, which she uses to her advantage. Armed with martial arts skills, she can disarm any man with her sexual power, then swiftly and expertly knock them out. Dita thinks it’s amusing that men are considered superior, and her ability to control their minds with her sex appeal reinforces this. Despite the fact that this job can be dangerous, she always maintains a high level of eloquence and femininity. A secret about Dita: whenever she defeats a man, sometimes she gets turned on sexually, and feels incredibly aroused. She’s never discussed this secret with her co-workers, but for this reason, and the fact that she fights against the forces of evil, she absolutely loves her job.
Her latest assignment is to infiltrate a criminal organization that auctions off sex workers for human trafficking. Dita is especially passionate about this assignment, because she’s against human exploitation. Her mission is to gain access to the criminal organization’s compound, and find out how it works. The compound is where the criminals jail the women, and is heavily guarded by a small army of guards. It’s a criminal organization that pretends to work as a job placement company. In order to gain access, Dita works under cover as a sexy but eloquent secretary. Her access in the compound is very limited, so she must get past the guards to move around. But this is what she does best.

Role-play scenario No. 1

Dita sneaks down a hallway and peaks around a corner. She sees a guard sitting by an entrance way. “This should be easy”, she thought to herself as she unbuttoned the top of her blouse. She decides to adjust her boobs for extra cleavage. “Pssst… pssst!” she said from behind the corner. The guard looked up and saw a gorgeous perfectly shaped leg revealing itself from behind the corner. The leg glided up and down the wall, before the owner of the leg eventually revealed herself. “Hello!”, she said to the guard, who gazed appreciatively at what he saw. Leaning up next to him stood an amazing sexy secretary, with shapely long legs dressed in high heels, silk stockings, a tight form fitting black leather skirt, and a shape hugging blouse. Underneath the blouse, the guard could make out a satin and lace boustier, which accentuated Dita’s breasts.
– “Excuse me miss, but this area is restricted. You’re not supposed to be here.”
– “Well, your boss sent me down here. He thought you could use some… company!”, she said in her sexy voice. The guard immediately changed from aggressive to relaxed.
– “Well, it’s about time”, the guard said expectedly. “He sent you because he must think I’m his best guard.”
– “Oh yes, only the best for the best”, she whispered in his ear as she began running her hands through his hair. The guard was starting to lose his focus… exactly where she wanted him.
– “You look like a fun guy”, she cooed. “How about we play a game”, she whispered. She continued to caress his hair. She could start to make out an erection in the guard’s pants. “Geez, another pre-mature ejaculator” she joked to herself. “This may be over before I have a chance to start”. The thought of this made her giggle out loud for a second.
– “What’s so funny?” Demanded the guard.
– “Nothing, nothing. Just relax. Relaaax!” she whispered in his ear. She then started blowing in his ear.
– “So, what game did you want to play? ” asked the guard.
– “Hmmm… well, I thought we’d play one of my favorite games”, she whispered. She started to straddle the guard and sit in his lap. She was facing him now, and she had her hands around his neck. She slowly started kissing his neck while grinding up and down on his crotch.
– “We… well, uh… what game is that?” the guard stuttered. He was getting really horny and losing his cool fast. Dita could sense this. She had him right where she wanted him.
– “Let’s play a game called: seduce, knock out, and tie up the guard”. Now Dita was caressing her hands all over his body. The guard was on the verge of ecstasy.
– “That sounds like fun”, said the guard. “How do we play it?”
– “Well, first I seduce you”, said Dita seductively. She got up from the guard’s lap and leaned over him so her heaving breasts were pushed right in his face. She placed both her hands on his shoulders for support, and then slowly and seductively began gliding and massaging his erection with the front of one of her sexy smooth knees. She bit her lower lip and purred:
– “Mmmm… how does that feel?” The guard was having a hard time breathing, and managed to heave out an answer.
– “Like heaven”, said the guard. “I like this game. What comes next?” Dita gave a sexy little giggle, before saying:
– “This!” Just as she said that, she took her knee which was gliding on his erection, and rammed it in the guard’s stomach (not too hard though. Just enough for role playing). The guard let out a: “Ufffff!” and doubled over in pain. Dita then kneed him across his face, causing the guard to fall back. Finally Dita gave him a karate chop on the neck. His body turned weak, and he collapsed from the chair to the floor where Dita was standing. She looked down at him and giggled with amusement: “Hmmm… Men!” She turned him on his back and sat on top of him. She began moving her hands on his body, patting him down for weapons or any information. She noticed the unconscious guard still had an erection.
– “Hey sweetie, looks like you had fun! Sorry, I couldn’t take care of that, for you!”, she joked out loud. “Maybe next time.” She turned the guard back over on his back, and tied his hands behind his back. She took another piece of rope and tied his ankles too. “Take care honey. Keep in touch.” She joked out loud to the unconscious guard. She got up and continued down the hall.

Role-play scenario No. 2

Dita continued sneaking in the compound. She came across an empty bedroom. She began to wonder why the compound had beds. Was it used for the jailed women? Or maybe for clients? As she was standing there thinking, a guard came up from behind.
– “Hey you, you’re not supposed to be in here!” Shouted the guard. “Hands up!” Dita put her hands above her head. The guard turned her away from him, and began patting her down. As he did so, he started to get a little aroused. He continued to pat Dita down with his hands, but moved closer. She could feel his erection on her butt. She sensed an opportunity:
– “Hey cutie”, she said in her sexy voice over her shoulder. “If you want to make sure I don’t have weapons, maybe it’s better that I strip?”
– “Hmmm…” thought the guard. “This chick is totally coming on to me. She must really want to be with the best guard in the compound. Maybe I’ll give it to her hard”.
– “I bet this sleaze ball thinks he has a chance with me”, thought Dita. “What a sucker. He’ll never know what hit him.”
– “Ok!”, said the guard. “Strip! Nice and slow.” Dita turned around to face him. She slowly walked up to him, almost as if she was going to kiss him. He was getting ready for a kiss, and just as her lips were almost touching his, Dita pushed the guard away from her, and onto the bed. She playfully giggled, “awww, did you want to kiss me sweetie?” she said teasingly. The guard was slightly embarrassed and began to get angry. “Look lady, you better tell me who you…”
– “Shhhh”, said Dita. She put her fingers to his lips. “Relax”. She stood up and slowly started to give a sexy strip tease in front of the guard, who was leaning back on the bed. Dita slowly started gyrating in between the guard’s legs, while seductively unbuttoning her blouse. She slowly massaged his erection with her silky smooth legs. When she knew the timing was right, she kneed the guard in the stomach, who fell back on the bed. Dita jumped on top of him, putting his head between her thighs and started squeezing. The guard is slowly losing consciousness, but Dita is getting very aroused. She starts to touch herself all over while below the guard struggles. She massages his erection with her hand, which turns her on more. Soon the guard is unconscious. Dita pauses to catch her breath, says some witty comment to the unconscious guard and then ties his hands and wrists.

Role-play scenario No. 3

Dita eventually gets caught by a guard, who tells her now she will become like one of the slave women, and be put on auction. He puts her in a jail cell and guards her outside. After a while she knocks on the door, asking if she can come out. The guard opens the door to reveal Dita stripped down only in her sexy lingerie. She asks the guard if her look is good enough for the auction. She sits him in a chair and then gives him a sexy strip tease. She then knocks him out and ties him to the chair. She strips off his clothes and puts a condom on his erection. She then revives him, and starts rubbing his pole around the edge of her vagina, but doesn’t insert it just yet. She then stops and demands to how the operation works. He refuses to talk, so she stops having sex. However Dita is just too hot, and he can’t resist her sexual power, so he talks. When he tells her what she wants to know, she starts to ride his pole. She asks other questions, and again he tries to resist, so again she stops. Eventually he gives in again, so she rewards him with sexy stroking on his member. This continues until he cums.