Nurse Dita and the Naughty Patient fantasy – Part II

Title: Mrs. P., Nurse Dita and the Naughty Patient fantasy – Part II

This is the second part of a fantasy created by a client and flawlessly performed by Dita. If you have an interesting story, get in touch!

Setting & Characters: The second scenario takes place at the bedroom in Mrs. P.’s house where the Naughty exchange student lives. Mrs. P. is a generous but strict woman (in secret: kind of a kinky dominatrix). She is currently housing a young male exchange student from Sweden. Every morning she makes sure he gets out of bed, in to the shower and then on his way to school. This time Nurse Dita needs to pay a visit because he is probably faking sick to avoid an exam at school.
During the scenario it is very important that the characters Mrs. P. and Nurse Dita are in control of the situation, they are both dominant and strict women who like to command young male students and discipline them if they don’t comply. The erotic and seductive talking from both Mrs. P. and Nurse Dita are also important factors of a successful roleplay scenario. Dita will play this time two roles: the role of Mrs. P. and the role of Nurse Dita.

Scene One: Mrs. P.

Chapter 1 Mrs. P. enters the room in order to wake up the exchange student. She’s wearing light blue jeans and a warm sweater with a sexy cleavage. Her perfume smells lovely and seductive. This particular morning, he is unusually reluctant and wining. He claims he’s not feeling very well. Mrs. P. feels that the student is unreliable but at the same time she is hesitant. She brings up the time when he tried to trick her long time friend Nurse Dita at the school so that he could skip gym class. She says: “and we both know how that ended” and smiles at him while he blushes and turns away his face, being a little embarrassed by the memory ut at the same time aroused.
Chapter 2 He continues to insist on the fact that he’s not feeling well. She feels his forehead while she looks at him. She’s not sure what to make of this. She decides to take his temperature and brings out her old-fashioned glass thermometer. She tells him to open his mouth and places the thermometer in the mouth. She leaves it
in for about four-five minutes and during this time she gives him a seductive glimpse and starts smiling. Gently she slides her hands in under the blanket and starts touching him on the chest and stomach. She asks him if this is where the pain is and he nods his head, he can only mumble with the thermometer in his mouth. She commands him not to talk with the thermometer in the mouth with a warning finger!!! After a few seconds she moves her hands to his legs and then up to his thighs. By this time he is embarrassed and aroused; he’s becoming hard and this is awkward because of the fact that he’s living in her house. She moves her hand to his scrotum and starts fondling it gently while she moves on to the dick.
Chapter 3 When she notices that he is blushing, she smiles and looks at him seductively while she takes out the thermometer from his mouth. He looks at her but he’s not sure what to expect. Smilingly she asks him if there’s a test coming up at school which he wants to skip??? He denies everything and claims that he is sick. She shakes her head and tells him that she want a more detailed and reliable reading so she pulls down the blanket and then she pulls down his boxer shorts. She commands him to stand on all four and when he protests and asks why she informs him that she’s going to take his temperature in the tushy. Reluctantly he does  hat he is told and stands on all four. She puts some lube on the thermometer and spreads his buttocks. She gently inserts the thermometer into his butt about two thirds of its length. She laughs at him when she notices that he is suffering from embarrassment and then she starts fondling his dick and his scrotum with her other hand.
Chapter 4 After three minutes she pulls out the thermometer and takes a look at it. She commands him to remain in his position on all four until she tells him otherwise. Mrs. P. states that his temperature indicates a warm temperature and therefore she calls her long time friend Nurse Dita who works at his school for a house call. She commands him to lie down on the bed facing down, and then she gives him a few whacks on his bottom as a warning that if Nurse Dita discovers he has been faking sick because of a test, the punishment will be severe. Then she puts him in a pull-up diaper and pulls him by the ear to the bathroom where she pours a glass of warm (just warm but not hot) water inside the diaper, at the front so that it appears like the student has wet himself. She stands in front of him, points at him and laughs while she makes remarks about how he has wet himself although he is twenty. Perhaps he should wear a diaper to school as well? She commands him to lie down on the bed. There’s a ring on the door and Mrs. P. exits the room to open the door.

Scene Two: Nurse Dita (wearing red lingerie beneath her sexy nurse outfit)

Chapter 5 A few minutes pass and the student is lying in the bed, feeling very embarrassed because of the wet diaper. Nurse Dita enters the room and says: “Hello, Remember me?” in a silky and sexy voice. She is wearing her nurse outfit and red lingerie underneath. She approaches the student on the bed and asks him what the problem is. He claims that he feels sick and can’t go to school. Nurse Dita feels his forehead with her cool hand, she says that she wants to take a look and lifts the blanket, exposing the diaper which makes her laugh. The student starts moaning and twisting because of the awkwardness of the situation. She touches his dick  through the diaper (she will not reach in to the diaper, she will only touch his dick through the diaper), notices  that his diaper is wet and tells him that she’s going to examine him thoroughly, but before that he needs to be  clean. She pulls him firmly by the arm and takes him to the shower where she gives him a warm soapy shower  (Nurse Dita will not remove her clothes at this point, she is careful so that she won’t become wet). She makes  sure that the student’s dick, scrotum and butt receives extra attention during the shower because she wants him to be clean according to her standards. She also makes comments about this so that he is even more humiliated.
Chapter 6 Nurse Dita wipes him clean with a towel after the shower and pulls him by the arm to the bed where  she commands him to lie down on his back for an examination. She puts some socks on his feet so that he  won’t be cold. She examines his entire body for about five minutes, talking about what a silly person he is for complaining. Nurse Dita puts on some examining gloves climbs up on to the bed and takes a seat on the  patients face while having her knees on both sides of his head (she is wearing her red underwear and he won’t  do anything while she is sitting on her face besides smelling her through her red panties). He realizes that her pussy is shaved and wet from arousal, he starts imagining what it would be like to get into those panties but for now the panties stays on her and he has to do what his told. She starts examining his genitals and then she pulls his legs up so that she can spread his buttocks in order to examine his butt as well.
Chapter 7 Nurse Dita decides it’s time to take his temperature so she fetches the thermometer and the lube. She takes a seat on the bed and commands him to lie down on her knees in the OTK (over the knee) position. She puts a small amount of lube on the tip of the thermometer, spreads his buttocks and gently inserts the thermometer about two thirds of the way and holds the thermometer in place with one hand while fondling the back of his thighs and buttocks with the other hand. She asks him how it feels and laughs out loud when he answers, making the situation even more embarrassing for him. She pulls the thermometer out from his tushy and takes a look at it. It reveals that he has a warm body temperature but it’s not quite fever. Nurse Dita is not sure this is reason enough to stay away from school, and asks him if he has a warm body temperature because of her being so sexy? She starts to spank his butt and laughs out loudly at him while she does it, making remark about how silly he is for having his temperature taken and butt spanked over her knee.
Chapter 8 Something needs to be done about the student’s warm body temperature so Nurse Dita says it’s time for a suppository in his tushy. She commands him to lie down facing the bed. She takes out a suppository and prepares it together with the brand new suppository applicator. She smiles and shows the applicator with the suppository in it to the student, and tells him that this is going to be inserted in his tight little tushy. No more lube is necessary because the area of his butt has already been exposed to lube from the temperature taking. She spreads his buttocks to expose the butthole. She tickles his butthole with the suppository end of the applicator for a few seconds and then she gently inserts the applicator with the suppository (without pushing the release button) about two thirds of the way into his butthole, positioning it so that it reaches the area of the prostate. She holds the applicator in place with one hand while she fondles his buttocks and the back of his thighs for a moment. She looks at him intensively, smiles and with a quick snap she pushes the release button of the applicator so that the suppository is released inside his butt. She pulls out the applicator from his butt and discards it.
Chapter 9 She commands him to lie on his back while she brings out the wipe cloths, some powder and a diaper that needs to be attached. She lifts his feet up in the air and commands him to hold them in that position. Nurse Dita wipes the students butt clean from the lube with some wiping cloths (she uses two separate cloths: one for the dick and scrotum and one for the butt), she powders his butt, scrotum and then she puts him in the attachable diaper. When attaching the diaper, she makes sure it’s attached really tightly so that it won’t fall off when she makes him walk around in the room. During this entire procedure she smiles, laughs at him, talks about what she is doing to him at the moment and makes him so embarrassed that he starts blushing. She commands him to stand up and walk around the room while she laughs at him, runs after him and gives him a few whacks on the butt with the diaper on. She chases him through the room as a funny conclusion of the role play.

Safety words: Red = Stop | Yellow = Await further instructions | Green = Proceed