Dita is blindfolded

…as I have to pee I am leaving the bedroom to go to the toilet. You could not miss this, so you are following me.

You find me waiting for you in the bathroom, naked, sitting on the closed toilet seat wearing a blindfold.

I am very relaxed, I sit with my back leaning against the wall, with my legs open as I want to piss up like a fountain. I heard you coming into the bathroom, so I start pissing and pushing it hard. As I wear the blindfold I only can fantasize about what you are doing: you might just watch me, or have your cock next to my fountain, you might place you underneath me or you might just drink my warm pee… mmmmm… I imagine you are drinking me till I stop peeing then you lick the last drops shoving your tong between my pussy lips. You leave after I have released my juice and let me alone in there…

[photography by Aleksey Marina]