Swingers Club Escort


I also provide swingers club escort service in Amsterdam and around. I like the most to escort in the swingers club Fun4Two. The recommended nights are the Fridays or Saturdays, as the Sundays are usually reserved for seniors. It’s always a good idea to take a look on their homepage and see their party themes and schedule. We spend together around 7-8 hours: 2 hours to and from the club, and 5-6 hours at the club (depending on the night).

Swingers Club escort details

My program of a typical Swingers Club Escort visit looks like this:
– I will arrive around 20:00 at your hotel, with the already-reserved taxi, pick you up, and continue our way to the club
– From 21:00 to 04:00 we are going to spend a mind-blowing time in the club, jumping in action or seeing others if you are more into voyeuristic fetish…
– At 04:04 the taxi will pick us up back to Amsterdam

Additional details

Use of phones or any other recording devices is forbidden outside the lockers area, so of course no filming is allowed inside the play area.

Dress code for men
Black boxers, optional a (black) suit vest, tank top or t-shirt and again optional, flip-flops (lockers are available for personal belongings).

Please take in account that a reservation is needed both for the swinger club and taxi driver, so I would need to know your intention the latest at noon on the day of the visit.

A break down of costs
My rate is € 2,300

Taxi trip/return: €250
Club entry tickets: €110 – €145, depending on the theme of the party.