Etiquette I

  • Introduce yourself by name if you call or write me an email.
  • I am not doing interracial. (i.e. I am not seeing persons of Indian or African - brown or black - descent). You can find more details here.
  • My rates are non-negotiable. I find a negotiation attempt both offensive and disrespectful and I will end all communication.
  • I do not expect, but I always enjoy being spoiled with a little gift or tip

Etiquette II

  • I'm always expecting the payment at the beginning of the session. If the payment is in cash, I will take a moment to count the amount, don't be surprised.
  • I got paid for my time. I will not end our meeting before our time is up, unless you specifically ask for it.
  • If a meeting is shorter than planned, I will not give a refund.

Etiquette III

  • Shower before sex is mandatory. It's basic personal hygiene.
  • Kissing and French-Kissing? Yes, I enjoy kissing.
  • If your pubic hair is not groomed at a decent level (or totally shaved) don't expect oral sex.
  • I do not enjoy and therefore do not allow fisting and/or aggressive fingering. That's why you have a cock and a tongue.