A message for the insecure ladies from an experienced escort for couples

After several meetings with lovely couples and the feedback I received, I finally decided to write this post. It was a harder decision mainly because I try to quote from my clients as less as possible due to privacy reasons. I may repeat some information placed in various places on my website but I think extra-information is better than none.

Fact: from time to time (not too often luckily) I meet couples where especially the lady is feeling insecure. The reasons are various, will not go into details but if you are a lady and you’re feeling insecure about a potential meeting, please keep this in mind: my main purpose is to help people rediscover their feelings (or at least to have great fun) but certainly not to act in a manner with potential to disrupt relationships.

I don’t have a predefined routine, my behavior during sessions is being constantly adapted according to the specifics of the situation. The purpose, however, is always the same no matter how twisted the path would be during the session. Many couples are laying out their wishes in the emails prior to the meeting – which is the best choice as the partners can discuss in detail their DO’s and DON’Ts. Eventually everyone is getting relaxed, but is better to be from the moment of the booking not from the moment I enter your room :)

To support my point of view, below is a message I received from a husband after a first meeting with him and his wife:

[…] One final note from me personally I would like to say thank you for being so tender and understanding with my wife, the more we talk about what happened the more I realize how much you gave us. After […] years of marriage we have made love more times in the past 7 days than I can remember. And the intimacy and tenderness we achieve now… I don’t think we got to this level very often.

I apologize for the emotional stuff but insanely we have fallen in love all over again thanks to you and I hate not being with her.

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