For customers

On this list will end up only those men who really piss me off. I do have a perfect sense of reasonable. I do understand if you cancel a booking (or several) if something comes up. I do understand if you do not agree with my conditions or if you think I’m too expensive. I understand lots of things but when someone is writing me dozens of emails or messages and dozens of phone calls and does not show up at a meeting that’s simply rude and he is welcome to my black list.

For the escort ladies

If you have reached this page by googling a potential client, please avoid him as he is probably a scammer, spammer or just a joker and he will ask for money from you (using various motives). If you encounter such scammers, spammers, phishers, it would be great to also post their contact data on your website.

* * *

Paul Pollack | [email protected] Scam and/or even phishing for personal details. Endless sugary talk, never a booking request. Avoid.
[email protected] Makes various plans and scenarios and cancels them. Basically is full of shit. Lots of talk for nothing.
Frank Donald | [email protected] contacted me for a business trip to Jamaica. He tried a little scam. At some point is asking for a “small” amount of €247 (to borrow him lol) to send a present which he bought for you, haha. Also he is using planet travel | [email protected] as being a legit travel agency but is also totally fake. They want a Western Union payment to: Miss Paula Smalling, Balaclava Oxford District, St.Elizabeth, Jamaica.
Mark | [email protected] – scam
[email protected] – scam
[email protected] – scam
Mark Philip – [email protected] – +447024030784 – scam
[email protected] – scam
Wilson Coker | [email protected] – scam
[email protected] – – +44-701-2976369 – scam
john johntlc | [email protected] Says he’s French. Make lots of plans asks for two girls then does not show up / not responding to emails.
Khaled | [email protected] Asks for a session, does not show. Not answering to emails after.
Nancy G | [email protected] Skype: nancyg6868 Pretends he’s a married woman looking for an escort for her and his husband. Well, she’s a he :)
JWBS W | [email protected]Calls himself “Fer” and representing a production company and offers € 150,000 for a porno video (for private clients). Needless to say that his approach is far from being professional.
nigel austin | [email protected] Sends fake pictures of himself. Probably is the beginning of a scam scheme.
Kane KHD | [email protected] 23, Qatar – Emailed for a booking, then he didn’t show. Then emailed again with very misogynistic language. Avoid!
James | [email protected] Makes appointments, does not show up.
Matthew | [email protected] Pretends he’s shy, does not answer to confirmation emails, cancels last minute.