A complete review from Ryan

Location Dita has a lovely studio flat in the heart of Amsterdam and withing 5min walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal. It’s also very easy to find even for me who was visiting Amsterdam for the first time. The studio flat is beautifully furnished and decorated with excellent shower facilities and a luxury king size double bed. Add to that a nice mirror installed next to the bed which can add something to the experience.

Physically Dita looks amazing and her photos don’t do her justice. She’s got very beautiful and big eyes. She’s also got very soft and ksssable lips accompanied with a big smile at all the time. Dita has a great all natural body to die for. She’s very fit and has boundless amounts of energy. She also looks much younger than her stated age (i would say 27 at most). During our meeting, she was perfectly groomed and immacutely presented in a nice sexy dress with high heels (as requested).

Personality and Attitude From what i can gather, Dita is a friendly and highly intelligent woman with a great attitude and personality. She’s also very easy to chat to, which made my nervousness at the beginning of our meeting disappear after a very short while. She’s also a great conversionalist and conversation flowed very freely throughout our meeting.

Our date I met Dita for 2 hours at her place after a very smooth booking process which i have done from abroad. Upon arrival, i was struck by Dita’s beauty. I went for a shower, then we chatted over drinks. We then moved on to the bed where Dita showed me why she is entitled to be the best escort in Amsterdam.

I have to say Dita is a real gem as she gave me a mind blowing experience that will stay with me forever. I went for a GFE and i have to admit the experience greatly exceeded my expectations. Her deep french kissing, and cuddling skills are just out of this world. She also has plenty of stamina and performs relentlessly with great enthusiasm.

The whole experience felt very genuine, and Dita gave me the impression that she was enjoying herself. Some people may argue that if she’s enjoying herself than she should charge less! Well, the whole idea of a high class courtesan is that there is mutual enjoyment and pleasure. If anyone can’t understand this, then he should go to the Red Light District.

The buildup to penetrative sex was amazing: a great oral sex session followed by a nice and very skillful teasing exercise that left me begging for penetrative sex. For the main event, Dita can only be described as a sex goddess: she’s got a heavenly doggy style technique!!! I was also treated to some other great sex positions. If you wanna find out go and see her :-).

Overall Dita is the complete package, and she’s truly a multi-talented courtesan who can offer a heavenly combination of a GFE and a PSE: I can’t recommend her enough.